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  • There are very few websites that I trust to receive critical commentary on unanswered scientific questions, and Quanta is on the top. Quanta has helped me stay current on all aspects of relevant scientific research while also introducing me to current scientists that I will keep following in my lifetime.

  • First I want to sincerely and greatly thank you for your wonderful magazine with incredible up to date science articles that are the best of the internet.
    As for the "survey", I cannot see it on this page. Could you please point it out for me.
    a very grateful reader

  • Clearly one of the best popular science magazines around. I especially liked the interactive map of physical theories.

  • As a non-professional, I never thought that I would be able to understand leading edge technical breakthroughs in science. But thanks to Quanta's super special team, I feel that I am part of a larger audience of curious minds, and I feel capable. Thanks to Quanta, I feel capable of learning new things, capable of pushing myself to become a better person, and I feel empowered.

    Thank you Quanta.

  • I'm guessing the survey is now over? Following the link takes me to a couple of introductory paragraphs about the survey, but I see no questions.

    No matter, as there's little I would want to change about Quanta. I follow maybe 100 or so science blogs and periodicals through Feedly. There are many specialist blogs that are excellent, and there are some wonderful popular science writers and periodicals. However, Nautilus and Quanta really stand out because both are unafraid to take a deeper dive into some of the more unusual and abstruse topics in science and both use writers who have professional and evocative styles, which makes each piece a pleasure to read.

    Also, the big science announcements/press-releases tend to get swarmed with identikit articles, so it's really nice to see stories with a bit more analysis ongoing challenges and unusual problems (like OOL science). It helps me get a snapshot of what the current thinking might be, or how debates are changing.

    So keep on doing what you're doing. And thank you!

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