Brooke Borel

Contributing Writer

In the ongoing controversy over whether and how to use a powerful new genome editing technology in the wild to achieve conservation and public health goals, two new papers urge caution.
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New Model Warns About CRISPR Gene Drives in the Wild

November 16, 2017

Two new papers urge caution in using powerful genome-editing technology against invasive species: Models show that aggressive gene drives can’t be contained in the wild.


Genetic Engineering to Clash With Evolution

September 8, 2016

Gene drives promise to spread a trait across an entire population. But evolutionary forces are going to alter even the best-engineered plans.

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Brooke Borel is a contributing editor at Popular Science and a 2016 Alicia Patterson Foundation Fellow. She has written for the Guardian, the Atlantic, BuzzFeed News, PBS’s NOVA Next, and Undark, among others, and her books include Infested and The Chicago Guide to Fact-Checking.