Howard Lee

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An ice sheet stretching into the distance.
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How Earth’s Climate Changes Naturally (and Why Things Are Different Now)

July 21, 2020

Earth’s climate has fluctuated through deep time, pushed by these 10 different causes. Here’s how each compares with modern climate change.

A man standing in the Arctic tundra holds up a large photo of a swamp.

Sudden Ancient Global Warming Event Traced to Magma Flood

March 19, 2020

A study has cemented the link between an intense global warming episode 56 million years ago and volcanism in the North Atlantic, with implications for modern climate change.

About the author

Howard Lee is a geologist and science writer with a focus on Earth’s climate through deep time. His work has appeared in Ars TechnicaThe GuardianScientific American, and other publications. His book, Your Life As Planet Earth, tells the story of our planet on a timeline of a person who lives to 100 years old. A graduate of the University of London and a fellow of the Geological Society of London, he currently lives in Massachusetts.