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Moon Duchin on Fair Voting and Random Walks

Can geometry save democracy from gerrymandering? Mathematician Moon Duchin discusses the possibilities with host Steven Strogatz.


Brian Keating’s Quest for the Origin of the Universe

The astrophysicist Brian Keating talks to host Steven Strogatz about chasing the universe’s greatest mysteries — and what it’s like to have a major discovery slip through his fingers.


Rebecca Goldin and Brian Nosek on Hard Truths in Math and Psychology

The mathematician Rebecca Goldin and the psychology researcher Brian Nosek speak with host Steven Strogatz about what it’s like to be the bearers of unpopular truths.


Cori Bargmann on the Genetics of Transparent Worms, Supertasters and Cancer

The neurogenetics pioneer Cori Bargmann speaks with host Steven Strogatz about why a transparent worm became her favorite animal and how a genetic discovery she made inspired a revolutionary cancer treatment.


Tadashi Tokieda’s Special Kind of Magic

The mathematician Tadashi Tokieda and host Steven Strogatz explore what we can learn about the world from simple “toys” with remarkable physical or mathematical properties.


Janna Levin on Seeing and Hearing Black Holes

The astrophysicist Janna Levin describes the fierce scientific beauty she finds in black holes and reveals why she took a major risk early in her career.


John Urschel: From NFL Player to Mathematician

John Urschel, who retired from playing professional football with the Baltimore Ravens to become a mathematician, talks to host Steven Strogatz about the fascinations of graph theory that lured him away from the NFL.


Corina Tarnita and the Deep Mathematics of Social Insects

The mathematical biologist Corina Tarnita explains to host Steven Strogatz how quantitative modeling solved the mystery of fairy circles.


Robbert Dijkgraaf on Exploring Quantum Reality

The mathematical physicist Robbert Dijkgraaf and host Steven Strogatz discuss the frontiers of string theory and why space and time might not be the most fundamental things in the universe.

The acclaimed mathematician and author Steven Strogatz interviews some of the world’s leading scientists about their lives and work.