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Trachette Jackson Fights Cancer With Math

Quantitative models built by the mathematical biologist Trachette Jackson can make cancer therapies safer and more effective.


Rediet Abebe on Using Algorithms for Social Justice

The computer scientist Rediet Abebe’s passion for applied mathematics closely aligns with her passion to solve problems with poverty and social inequality.


Federico Ardila on Math, Music and the Space of Possibilities

The mathematician Federico Ardila takes a creative approach to the search for useful answers hiding among inconceivably huge numbers of possible ones.


Sharon Glotzer’s Deep Curiosity About Order From Chaos

The computational physicist Sharon Glotzer finds unifying principles that structure the chaotic dance of the particles that make up matter.


Frank Wilczek on the Strong Force, Quarks and Dark Matter

The theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek explained what holds atomic nuclei together, and he is still pushing at the limits of what the standard model can tell us.


Bonnie Bassler on Talkative Bacteria and Eavesdropping Viruses

The molecular biologist Bonnie Bassler is deciphering the chemical languages that bacteria use to coordinate their assaults on a host.


Neil Shubin on Tiktaalik, Ballistic Tongues and Evolution

The paleontologist Neil Shubin talks with host Steven Strogatz about hunting for a 375 million-year-old fossil and finding novel traits that evolved many times.


Podcast Preview: The Joy of x, Season Two

Hosted by Steven Strogatz, The Joy of x podcast is back with new episodes that explore the inner worlds of top-tier scientists and mathematicians like Frank Wilczek, Bonnie Bassler and Amie Wilkinson.


Moon Duchin on Fair Voting and Random Walks

Can geometry save democracy from gerrymandering? Mathematician Moon Duchin discusses the possibilities with host Steven Strogatz.

The acclaimed mathematician and author Steven Strogatz interviews some of the world’s leading scientists about their lives and work.