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The Joy of x

Leslie Vosshall on Designer Mosquitoes and Dude Walls

Events take an interesting turn after the neurogeneticist Leslie Vosshall speaks with host Steven Strogatz about ways to make mosquitoes less deadly and the obstacles facing educational inclusiveness.

The Joy of x

Alex Kontorovich on the Absolute Truth of Pure Math

The mathematician Alex Kontorovich speaks with host Steven Strogatz about regaining his creative freedom in an intimidating collaboration and about the pleasures of spherical geometry.

Photo of Priya Natarajan
The Joy of x

Priya Natarajan on Black Holes and Mapping the Universe

In this episode, Priya Natarajan, professor of astronomy and physics at Yale University, speaks with Steven Strogatz about her lifelong fascinations, including black holes, mapping the universe and early personal computers.

Steven Strogatz listens to a podcast guest speak about many scientific and mathematical subjects.
The Joy of x

Podcast Preview: Introducing The Joy of x

Hosted by Steven Strogatz, The Joy of x podcast opens a window into the inner worlds of top-tier scientists and mathematicians while shining light on universal themes like creativity, collaboration or navigating professional challenges.