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Janet Conrad
Thinking Places

Janet Conrad, Seeker of Neutrinos and Other Curiosities

The physicist and curios collector hopes to reveal the hidden structure lurking in the subatomic world.

Abstractions blog

Nobel Prize Awarded for Quantum Topology

Three physicists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for rewriting our understanding of exotic quantum states on the surfaces of materials.

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Before joining Quanta Magazine in 2014, Michael Moyer spent six years at Scientific American, where he was most recently in charge of physics and space coverage and led the magazine’s special editorial projects. His writing has been recognized with the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award and included in the 2013 edition of the “The Best American Science and Nature Writing.” Prior to his tenure at Scientific American, he was articles editor at Popular Science magazine, and before that, he studied physics and the philosophical foundations of physics at Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley.